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SafeMate PLUS (QLD only) - Yearly Membership

SafeMate PLUS (QLD only) - Yearly Membership

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Your SafeMate Kit includes

1 Silicon Wristband
1 Fridge Magnet
1 Solid Plastic Card
2 Key Tags
6 Assorted Stickers
All items are printed with your personal QR Code. At the checkout, you will be billed according to your chosen membership.
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Change of Mind Policy: Australia has a mandatory ten-day cooling-off period. If members decide to cancel their membership after the first ten days but within the first three months, a cancellation fee of 50% of the first twelve months membership will apply.
  2. A charge of $25 will apply to replace any lost or damaged kits.

User & Paramedic Reviews

“I got my handbag back after it was stolen. The Station Master at Bowen Hill found my SafeMate card and called my emergency contact.”

Diane, New Farm QLD

“My parents think it’s great. They always keep it with them.”

Member’s Son

“My mother suffered a serious fall and called 000. The paramedicswouldn’t have known about my mother’s allergy to morphine if itwasn’t for SafeMate. It would’ve been a disaster if it wasadministered. We are both so grateful for SafeMate and so were the paramedics.”

Member’s Daughter

I swear by SafeMate. It is an absolute lifesaver! Makes my lifeso much easier. The paramedics were amazed by what it coulddo as it saved them so much time. It also helped having all theinformation upfront as mum didn’t need to spend as much timein hospital as the paramedics had a great head start with theinformation that was loaded onto her SafeMate card”.

Member, J. B.

“The paramedic thought it was great.”

Lexie, QLD

“Gave me comfort as I didn’t have to say anything when it happened as the paramedic was able to find out what they wanted easily from my wristband.”

Graeme, Birtinya QLD

“Adds value if the patient is unable to communicate their history enabling paramedics to see a comprehensive list of patient’s medical history, allergies, medications, and next of kin.”


“Takes the stress away from patient’s family when dealing with medical personnel in a stressful situation.” 


All the answers I required were all in the one place and I didn’t need to rely on the patients’ memory.

Paramedic MP, QAS

“Attended [to a patient] for a minor issue but SafeMate provided additional information about their history which was very helpful.”


Gave comprehensive details of the patient PMHX, meds & allergies.

Paramedic NF, QAS

Provided important information regarding medical history.

Paramedic CT, QAS

Provides timely information about someone who is a poor health historian.

Paramedic MB, QAS

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