Our Story

Australian owned and operated

Inspired by a harrowing experience in Sydney, SafeMate was created after our engineer was swept away by a freak wave while surfing.

Awakening on the shore, surrounded by strangers unaware of his identity or condition, he realised the need for a reliable device that could communicate on behalf of individuals in medical emergencies. Thus, SafeMate was created - a practical and secure solution to speak for you when you can't.

Whether you are conscious or not, SafeMate relays information to the public (SafeMate PUBLIC) or to paramedics (SafeMate PLUS, QLD only) instantly saving everyone time and stress.

Your personalised QR code is easily accessible by scanning from smart technology such as a smart phone.

SafeMate ensures you have around-the-clock security and peace of mind with easy and immediate access to your chosen information and medical history.

SafeMate provides a product and a service that delivers your up-to-date medical information to first responders and paramedics (QLD only) as fast and effectively as possible in a medical emergency.

Your SafeMate Team

Dr Patricia Azarias
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Patricia Azarias, was the Director of Internal Audit for the United Nations and the most senior Australian in the United Nations at the time. Previously she was the Director of the Public Accounts Committee of the NSW Parliament.

Mary-Anne van Adrichem
Operations Manager

Mary-Anne has over thirty years of experience in administration and management in the human services sector. Having worked with Aged Care, Youth, Justice and Social Services, Mary-Anne has deep expertise in SafeMate related sectors.
Mary-Anne is passionate about excellent client service and support.

Leanne Clarke
Business Development Manager

In her business development role for SafeMate, Leanne presents to community groups, liaises with local, state and national organisations and tirelessly develops new business development initiatives.

Michael Bark
Chief Information Officer

Michael is a highly experienced IT professional, with decades of experience in the field. Michael has an MSc in Business Administration with an emphasis on economic forecasting and analysis models. He keeps fully abreast of the latest developments in information technology.

Eva Van Adrichem
Member Services

We are proud to have Eva as our Member Services Representative who works with new and existing members by handling their kits and any questions. Eva is personable, friendly and approachable in her professional capabilities and stives to keep customers smiling.

Michelle Wright
Marketing Manager

Michelle has over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and business development roles across the professional services industry, the not-for-profit, health/aged care and veteran sectors and with SMEs.

Working with Queensland Ambulance Service since 2017

Paramedics love SafeMate because it makes their job so much easier by providing quick access to vital medical information. Many people don’t remember all their medications. Some might be unconscious or unable to speak. With SafeMate, paramedics don’t have to hunt around to find names, next of kin details, allergy information, end of life instructions or pet care details. To get the details the patient wants to share, paramedics simply scan a SafeMate product and in a few seconds it’s all on their screen.

User & Paramedic Testimonials

“I swear by SafeMate. It is an absolute lifesaver! Makes my life so much easier. The paramedics were amazed by what it could do as it saved them so much time. It also helped having all the information upfront as mum didn’t need to spend as much time in hospital as the paramedics had a great head start with the information that was loaded onto her SafeMate card”.

Member, J. B.

“My parents think it’s great. They always keep it with them.”

Member’s Son 

“My mother suffered a serious fall and called 000. The paramedics wouldn’t have known about my mother’s allergy to morphine if it wasn’t for SafeMate. It would’ve been a disaster if it was administered. We are both so grateful for SafeMate and so were the paramedics.”

Member’s Daughter

“Gave me comfort as I didn’t have to say anything when it happened as the paramedic was able to find out what they wanted easily from my wristband.”

Graeme, Birtinya QLD

“The paramedic thought it was great.”

Lexie, QLD

“I got my handbag back after it was stolen. The Station Master at Bowen Hills found my SafeMate card and called my emergency contact.”

Diane, New Farm QLD

Adds value if the patient is unable to communicate their history enabling paramedics to see a comprehensive list of patient’s medical history, allergies, medications and next of kin.


Takes the stress away from patient’s family when dealing with medical personnel in a stressful situation.


Attended [to a patient] for a minor issue but SafeMate provided additional information about their history which was very helpful.


All the answers I required were all in the one place and I didn’t need to rely on the patients’ memory.

Paramedic MP, QAS

Gave comprehensive details of the patient PMHX, meds and allergies.

Paramedic NF, QAS

Provides timely information about someone who is a poor health historian.

Paramedic MB, QAS

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