SafeMate Public Kit - Medical ID - QR Codes for Emergencies

Do you want to purchase through your NDIS, MyAgedCare or DVA funding?

Contact us at or phone (07) 3184 9109 and we will send you a provider purchase form.  

Email or post the completed form back to us (you can take a photo or scan the form to attach to the email).  

We will prepare an invoice and send it directly to your provider. Once the invoice is paid, your SafeMate kit will be sent to you.

Alternatively, access the online and downloadable provider purchase form here.

SafeMate - Public Plan

What is a Medical ID and Who Needs It?

A Medical ID is a QR Code that contains crucial health information about an individual. It is particularly beneficial for those with chronic illnesses, allergies, or medications that paramedics need to know about in case of an emergency. Seniors, people with disabilities, individuals in high-risk occupations, and those with mental health concerns can greatly benefit from having a Medical ID. SafeMate provides a complete kit including:

  • 1 medical tag silicon bracelet
  • 1 fridge magnet
  • 1 solid plastic card
  • 2 key tags
  • 6 assorted stickers

This kit caters to everyone's day-to-day life, making your medical information always accessible in case of emergency. Medical IDs are indispensable for individuals with complex medical histories, including those with multiple medications or rare conditions. They ensure that first responders are informed about critical details such as blood type, existing medical conditions, emergency contacts, and any special instructions. This information can prevent misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments, thereby safeguarding the individual's health.

SafeMate, Your Health Partner for Your Serenity

Caregivers and family members can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones' medical needs are clearly communicated in emergencies. SafeMate's easy-to-update platform allows users to keep their medical information current, ensuring accuracy and relevance at all times. This adaptability is particularly valuable for individuals whose medical conditions or treatments change frequently. A Medical ID is a vital tool for anyone who wants to ensure their health information is readily available and accessible in an emergency. SafeMate's range of discreet, wearable options and its secure, easy-to-use system make it an ideal choice for enhancing personal safety and emergency preparedness.

Membership and Public Plans: Selecting the Best Membership

Our public plans offer flexible memberships tailored to meet different needs and budgets. Users can choose from monthly, annual, or three-year memberships. The SafeMate kit ensures that your medical ID is always within reach. Memberships are designed to be affordable while providing comprehensive coverage and support.

Support for Funding Through My Aged Care and NDIS

SafeMate memberships are eligible for funding through My Aged Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This support makes it easier for seniors and individuals with disabilities to access and afford SafeMate’s services. The process for obtaining funding is straightforward, involving contact with SafeMate to arrange provider purchase forms and invoice preparations. This integration ensures that everyone can benefit from the safety and peace of mind that SafeMate offers.