• Instant access to vital information

  • You choose the information you provide

  • Easy to wear and display devices

  • Claim through NDIS, DVA or My Aged Care

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Simple. Secure. Sensible.

It’s not just another medical ID.

  • Instant access to medical information, or in less than 20 seconds for QLD paramedics.

  • Data is 100% encrypted and securely stored in Australia. 

  • Peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, SafeMate speaks for you.

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Who needs SafeMate?

  • All ages, from young children to the elderly
  • People with allergies, chronic conditions and complex medical histories
  • Those living with disabilities
  • Seniors, particularly those at risk of falls
  • Those working in high-risk dangerous occupations
  • People who require full-time or permanent care
  • People who require mobility assistance
  • People suffering with mental health concerns
  • Organisations that care for people

But ... SafeMate is for anyone.

Choose your Membership


Available across Australia

Publicly Visible Information

Anyone can securely access selected details by scanning the unique QR code. You choose the details you wish to share.


Basic information such as name, age, emergency contacts and essential medical information.

Accessible By Anyone with a Smart Device

Open to any passerby, friend, or family member scanning the QR code.


SafeMate PLUS

Currently only available in Queensland

SafeMate PUBLIC is included in this plan

Accessible to QAS Paramedics only

Only authorised Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics can view the full secure details.

Comprehensive Information

Basic information PLUS additional data including medical conditions, allergies, home access, pet instructions etc.

Secured Access

Paramedics follow secure processes to access private detailed information.


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SafeMate takes the stress away from you and your loved ones.

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How it works

SafeMate provides easy-to-wear or display products that store your vital information for a passerby, first responder or QLD paramedic to scan in an emergency for quick, effective treatment. Emergency triage nurses also find it helpful to swiftly identify vital medical details and medications.

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Working with Queensland Ambulance Service since 2017

Paramedics love SafeMate because it makes their job so much easier by providing quick access to vital information. Many people don’t remember all their medications. Some might be unconscious or unable to speak. With SafeMate, paramedics don’t have to hunt around to find names, next of kin details, allergy information, end of life instructions or pet care details. To get the details the patient wants to share, paramedics simply scan a SafeMate product and in a few seconds it’s all on their screen.

SafeMate Reviews

I swear by SafeMate. It is an absolute lifesaver! Makes my life so much easier. The paramedics were amazed by what it could do as it saved them so much time. It also helped having all the information upfront as mum didn’t need to spend as much time in hospital as the paramedics had a great head start with the information that was loaded onto her SafeMate card.

Member, J. B.

My parents think it’s great. They always keep it with them.

Member’s Son

My mother suffered a serious fall and called 000. The paramedics wouldn’t have known about my mother’s allergy to morphine if it wasn’t for SafeMate. It would’ve been a disaster if it was administered. We are both so grateful for SafeMate and so were the paramedics.

Member’s Daughter

“Gave me comfort as I didn’t have to say anything when it happened as the paramedic was able to find out what they wanted easily from my wristband.”

Graeme, Birtinya QLD

The paramedic thought it was great.

Lexie, QLD

I got my handbag back after it was stolen. The Station Master at Bowen Hills found my SafeMate card and called my emergency contact.

Diane, New Farm QLD

Avoided hospitalisation for the patient. Reduced stress for patient and/or family. Saved time in accessing patient information.

Paramedic JT, QAS

Able to gain accurate patient information. Many patients don't pass on all heath issues or medications because they can't remember or forget. This assisted us in delivering the most appropriate healthcare.

Paramedic TM, QAS

All the answers I required were all in the one place and I didn’t need to rely on the patients’ memory.

Paramedic MP, QAS

Gave comprehensive details of the patient PMHX, meds and allergies.

Paramedic NF, QAS

Provided important information regarding medical history.

Paramedic CT, QAS

Provides timely information about someone who is a poor health historian.

Paramedic MB, QAS

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