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Welcome to the Provider Access Portal for SafeMate Resources. Here, providers can conveniently access brochures, provider purchase forms and the Department of Veteran Affairs referral form.

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Provider Purchase Form


Client Contact Details

Please only enter here if your client has confirmed with you they consent to their details being passed on to Safe Mate Australia.

SafeMate abides by The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) in which personal information is never shared or sold to third party organisations.

Client's Name

Client's Address

This is so we know where to deliver their SafeMate kit.

Client Notes

Please feel free to add any notes on behalf of your client.

If they have a carer who you prefer we contact directly you can place their contact details here.

Provider Name

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Please note: a fee of $35.00 is charged for the first year, followed by $20.00 annually.

My client would like SafeMate to complete Profile upload - Additional $35.00


You may cancel this authorisation anytime by emailing us at or by calling (07) 3184 9109. This authorisation will remain in effect until cancelled in writing by you.