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Supporting our community on Rare Disease Day

It's Rare Disease Day, so we would like to take a moment to recognise the 2 million people in Australia living with a rare disease.

With over 7,000 listed rare diseases, there are many unique challenges to overcome when facing a highly unknown and sometimes misunderstood illness. With ongoing frustrations in lack of research, funding for cures and ongoing personal struggles, even finding a diagnosis can be painful as it may be timely and inaccurate, with limited care and support options.

SafeMate is proud to provide a resource to help those with a rare disease communicate their diagnosis, treatment and other information in a medical emergency.

Because of our easy-to-wear and use devices, such as our wristband, your needs can always be communicated, even if you can't.

Your unique health or medical information are stored on your personal QR code - informing paramedics of alerts, allergies, diseases, surgeries, medication and emergency contacts for medical emergencies.

Many of our existing members are thankful for the way SafeMate reduces stress, not only in emergencies but also in day-to-day life.

Learn more about how SafeMate can help you or a loved one:

You can also visit Rare Disease Health portal to learn more about Rare Disease in Australia:

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