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SafeMate Saving Bundaberg Seniors

MEDIA RELEASE - For Immediate Release 20 May 2024

SafeMate Australia Pty Ltd (SafeMate) is proud to once again join the Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo in Bundaberg on Friday 7 June 2024. This represents a significant moment for SafeMate as it advances its mission to support Queensland communities, ensuring they feel safe and supported.

SafeMate Saving Bundaberg Seniors

When a medical episode occurs, every second counts.

SafeMate, endorsed by Queensland Ambulance Service since 2017, uses a simple, fast and secure system providing paramedics with instant access to a patient's vital medical information in an emergency.

Affordable and used anywhere at home or on the go, SafeMate can save lives.
SafeMate Australia and the Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo proudly bring safety and security to Bundaberg seniors.

When it comes to providing emergency treatment, every second counts.

SafeMate is a leading Australian-owned product that improves patient outcomes by providing paramedics and first responders with immediate access to a person’s vital medical information by scanning the patient's unique QR code.

Patricia Azarias, Chief Executive Officer, SafeMate Australia says “SafeMate reduces stress for everyone in an emergency. It uses secure data encryption stored in Australia, is extremely affordable at less than 30 cents per day, is simple to use and has been endorsed by the Queensland Ambulance Services since 2017”.

Instant access to vital medical information in an emergency

With a click of a smart device, crucial medical and contact information is instantly relayed from the personalised QR code to QAS paramedics. Each code is unique and linked to a secure profile that conveys vital information about the patient’s health, medications, allergies and emergency contacts. The data stored, chosen by the patient, is instantly transmitted to paramedics, who can tailor faster, more informed treatments for the patient.

SafeMate demonstrations at the Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo

SafeMate is proud to support the local Bundaberg community. SafeMate are offering demonstrations of the secure devices and products at the upcoming Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo, Bundaberg on Friday 7 June 2024.

Corrie McColl, Centre Manager at Bundaberg Neighbourhood Centre says “We are delighted that SafeMate is joining the upcoming Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo sharing their life-saving products with our community. With so many in our community who may be aging or feeling isolated from family and carers, this product provides them with peace of mind at a very affordable price. It is also claimable through My Aged Care, NDIS and DVA for those eligible”.

Leanne Clarke, Business Development Manager at SafeMate attending the Expo says, “SafeMate has been proven to save paramedics up to 10 minutes in an emergency situation. Seconds and minutes count in an emergency and can mean the difference between a full or partial recovery, and sometimes life or death. With SafeMate, patients can avoid unnecessary or costly hospitalisation. I am proud to once again join the Bundaberg community at the upcoming Seniors Lifestyle & Care Expo to help more people to feel safer with SafeMate”.

Supporting the community across all ages and health conditions

Suitable for any age, SafeMate is helpful for children with allergies, individuals who work in high risk occupations, people living on their own, suffering from a disability or mental health issue, those in the NDIS sector, are non-verbal, take multiple medications, have dementia, severe allergies, diabetes or any medical conditions.

SafeMate is particularly helpful for older people who are unwell or prone to falls. It can be overwhelming for a patient to answer questions about their health and medications. But SafeMate can speak for them.

SafeMate costs as little as $10 per month. For those eligible, SafeMate is claimable through My Aged Care, NDIS and the Department of Veterans Affairs offering an exceptionally affordable yet quality product for the community.

SafeMate gives patients, their family and their carers peace of mind knowing that should something happen, paramedics can treat them quickly with readily available vital information via the SafeMate QR code.  

For more information about this leading life-saving Australian product, see the SafeMate website at or download the SafeMate brochure.



Leanne Clarke, Business Development Manager,

Patricia Azarias, Chief Executive Officer,

Michelle Wright, Marketing Manager,

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