Happy National Carers Week

Happy National Carers Week

Who cares about our carers?

In support of all the incredible work that carers do in Australia, let’s come together to raise awareness of the 2.65 million Australians caring for their family members and friends.

Carers represent a diverse range of people from different cultures, of different ages and with different lived experiences and responsibilities. But all of them balance caring responsibilities with other important life responsibilities like work, children, family, study and their physical and mental health.

SafeMate understands the importance of providing resources to help those helping others. SafeMate is both for patients and their carers, helping to reduce stress in a medical emergency for carers by taking some of the responsibility to communicate medical information with first responders.



SafeMate stores vital medical information on easy-to-wear or display QR codes so that imperative information can be immediately shared with Paramedics in an Emergency.


What type of information?

Whatever you choose! The beauty of SafeMate is that it’s entirely up to you or your patient what to share on their private or public account.


Private information (for Queensland only paramedics) may include:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Selected Medical information
  • Surgical Histories
  • Complicated Diagnosis’
  • Personal patient requests
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Trigger words or preference words
  • Location of Legal Documents
  • How to get Home Access


    Public information might include:

    • Name
    • Emergency Contact information

    • and alerts such as;
    • Allergies and where the patient carries their Epipen
    • If they have memory loss problems


      If you’re a carer who’d like to know more about SafeMate or make an enquiry, please contact us at hello@safemate.care or providers can visit our Provider Portal:

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