Dementia Giveaway

Dementia Giveaway

In support of Dementia Awareness Month, we are giving away a SafeMate membership value pack worth over $435.00.

Read on to find out how you can win.

September is Dementia and Alzeimer’s Disease awareness month. This awareness campaign aims to destigmatise Dementia or Alzheimer's by providing education and improving access to resources available to all of those most affected including family, friends and carers. 

With two out of three reported cases of Dementia still living in the community, we see huge potential for SafeMate to help aid those struggling with memory recall.

SafeMate provides personal QR codes that safely and securely store medical profiles that accessible to QAS Paramedics for emergency use (SafeMate PLUS) and available publicly through SafeMate PUBLIC. 


Why is SafeMate appropriate for someone with Dementia? 

SafeMate reduces stress by communicating needs and important medical information in an emergency. Providing effective and safe ways to communicate medical and health needs.

SafeMate makes sense for those living in the community with dementia and for their carers and family members too! Their needs can be easily communicated in the event of an emergency. 

Anyone can scan SafeMate and gain access to one’s Public Profile.

In your Public Profile, you might like to put the name and number of an emergency contact. In instances where the patient is prone to wandering, sometimes people will create a note that says something like: 

‘Hi, my name is Julie. I have dementia, so I may be confused if I am lost. Please call my daughter, Jane, her number is 0417 *** ***.’ 

It isn’t until Queensland Paramedics arrive on the scene, that they’ll securely get access to the Private Profile including but not limited to:

  • Photo Identification
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Home Address
  • Medication list
  • Allergies
  • Surgical History
  • Medical Concerns / Diagnoses’ 
  • Instructions for Care
  • End of Life Instructions
  • Location of important legal documentation
  • Pet care instructions

    And so much more!

    But remember, you decide what you wish to upload to your profile. So your information is always at your discretion.

    SafeMate speaks for you in an emergency, and if you are vulnerable in the event of a medical emergency, it takes the stress away from you and your loved ones. 


    Why should you BOTH get SafeMate? 

    It’s important that vulnerable people like those living in the community with Dementia or Alzheimer's can communicate their medical needs and information securely and quickly through their SafeMate products.

    But we also encourage a SafeMate membership for their loved one or carer. If in an emergency, the person they care for may not be able to remember or communicate their loved one's needs.

    SafeMate has been proven to save up to 10 minutes of treatment time and even prevent hospitalisation in some instances.

    You can enter the competition to be in the running to win: 

    • 2 x One-year SafeMate Subscriptions valued at $220
    • 1x $100 lite n’ easy gift voucher
    • 1 x Talking photo album

    • Total prize worth $435


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